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About us - Solar Powered Furniture Work Station Company in Australia

Furnicharge Australia was born from a vision to turn previously inaccessible spaces into hives of activity. We are a functional outdoor furniture company specialising in innovative solar work and charging stations. Our mission is to create environmentally sustainable designs that evolve to power a portable world. We work with universities, schools, local government and private industry to deliver functional outdoor freedom hubs that enhance the way we connect.

The best form of recycling is re-using. That’s why we’re committed to establishing a marketplace that sees old work stationed refurbished & re-homed when you decide to upgrade.

The Team

Furnicharge has its own in-house design team and project managers. We use only accredited technicians to install our 100% Australian made freedom hubs.

We work with consultants in the specialist fields of urban design, landscaping, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and occupational health & wellbeing to deliver truly flexible work environments to any space.


For peace of mind, we offer a manufacturers warranty on all our products. Every Furnicharge asset we install is covered by a 3 year structural warranty from date of installation. Additionally, because we only use superior parts, 3rd party equipment warranties can cover Furnicharge system components for up to 25 years.

Contact our team for specific product warranty information.

This Warranty does not cover damage caused by:
  • Misuse or abusive use of the Furnicharge product, including physical abuse;
  • Incorrect operation or not following the operation instructions (as stated in the Product Operation Manual or manufacturer’s instructions provided with the Furnicharge product & components);
  • Incorrect or improper maintenance or failure to maintain the Furnicharge product;
  • Improper closure of the seating component box lid, allowing water ingress
  • Failure to clean or improper cleaning of the product;
  • Incorrect voltage or non-authorised electrical connections;
  • Adverse external conditions such as; thunderstorm activity, acts of God, acts of terrorism, damage caused by vermin, or any other act or circumstance beyond Furnicharge’s control;
  • Exposure to excessive heat, moisture or dampness;
  • Exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions;
  • Use of non authorised/non-standard, defective or incompatible parts;
  • Repair, modification or other work carried out on the Furnicharge product other than by Authorised Furnicharge Service Personnel.
  • If the Furnicharge product you are using has been rented or leased by you, and you consider a claim might be made under this warranty, you should refer the matter to the rental or leasing company immediately and they will handle the matter.
  • This warranty does not cover service costs in replacing and maintaining consumable parts which have ceased working through normal wear and tear.
  • This warranty does not cover Furnicharge OEM products, which do not bear the Furnicharge factory Serial Number (SFSN) in its original form (for instance where it or the sticker bearing it has been removed, wiped out, rubbed off, or altered).This is serial number is found on the underside, top left hand corner of the seating component box.