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Battery Powered Street Furniture Australia

Battery powered street furniture in Australia

Sustainable battery powered street furniture is becoming an essential addition to any progressive organisation’s open space offering. Our lives are becoming increasingly portable, whether we like it or not, so we’re building an eco-system of charge hubs that supports it.

Each hour, 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun hits our earth… We know that number sounds like we’re describing Jeff Bezos bank account, but its far more than that.

Its enough energy to keep all 7,794,798,739 of us working & living our daily lives for an entire year!

Lucky for you, Furnicharge is harnessing a very small percentage of that via our smart solar power furniture range… We may not be able to power your entire life, but hey, every bit counts right? 

Get Battery powered street furniture in australia

So what is smart solar street furniture? Well, we guess the answer might differ amongst our peers, but here’s our take; Smart solar furniture aids both the user & purchaser. 

Furnicharge’s range of smart solar powered furniture is made optional with smart city sensors, proving live feedback on weather conditions, air particulate & pollution, pedestrian density & much more. 24/7 live monitoring provides a high level asset oversight, allowing the organisation to view solar harvest, usage & faults. Don’t worry though, faults are rare. In fact, theres probably more chance of Elon musk & Jeff Bezos exchanging Christmas cards over a family roast this year. 

Anyway, back to what we were saying about the whole ‘portable world thing’.. It’s happening! So don’t miss your chance to $ave some change, while making a change!

What is Solar Street Furniture and how can you use it

It is a kind of solar charging station where you can sit under it and do all kind of official work, mobile charging, computer related work and book studies.  We are a functional outdoor furniture company specialising in innovative, smart solar work and charging stations. Our mission is to create environmentally sustainable designs that evolve to power a portable world. We work with universities, schools, local government and private industry to deliver functional outdoor work & charge stations that enhance the way we connect.

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