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Earth as our office


Up until recently, there was a pre conceived notion that ‘working hard’ meant jumping in the car for the hour long drive into the city, first to arrive at the office, you’d turn the alarm off, switch on the lights & heat up the place in order to start your day… Then 5pm hits, & you do it all again in reverse. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if our municipalities were built to empower productive neighbourhoods? & Built to drive community connection & engagement?

That’s our vision for urban place making. & the best part is, it’s already on our doorstep. Urban growth & the concept of 20 minute cities has really hit 6th gear in the past few years, we’re a generation that craves; social, flexible & sustainable outcomes.

We’re working with Neighbourlytics to further quantify the ROI at a micro level, ensuring that cost effective data is gathered & used in a way that gives urban planners insight into how our community embraces our products, only validating the need for more growth in the solar powered freedom hub & charging station sector.

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