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Frequently Asked Questions
Furnicharge Australia know that a new product can generate more than just energy – it can generate questions! If you have any queries regarding our products or services, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Our range of freedom hubs and other battery-embedded furniture ensures users are kept connected & mobile 24/7. Our tables promote improved mental health as well as reducing office, classroom and campus operating costs.

250 plus devices per day, even in low light conditions. They’ve even for the ability to deliver 3000w, giving you the ability to power high draw devices if required.

Pretty much any portable device. Our tables use pure sine wave inverters, meaning you can charge even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

Your devices will charge at the normal speeds experienced when charging them the conventional way.

Pretty much any portable device. Our tables use a robust, commercial solar inverting system.

Meaning you can charge even the most sensitive high draw electronic equipment. Note: the use of electrical equipment higher than 2500w will activate the safety system and shut off asset.

Yes, our tables are safe to use and meet all relevant Aus/NZ safety standards. All products sold come with off-grid electrical & engineering compliance certificates.

That’s ok, our products are designed to remain fully autonomous for up to 6 days of no/low light.

Of course! We can add custom branding such as your logo, or go one step further and use custom colours in the powder coating, giving your school, university, or business a unique edge

Our tables capture 1.3kw of energy from the sun each hour and encourage people to work outdoors. Seating up to six people at a time, schools, universities and businesses can save by reducing their reliance on energy that’s produced by coal.

With a lifespan of 20+ years, each table will save tonnes of harmful emissions entering our atmosphere and save enough energy to neutralise initial purchase expenditure. We also use recycled cladding, farmed from the ‘REDCYCLE’ program, meaning less soft plastics in landfill!