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Street Light with Solar Power

There’s a global push to increase safety lighting in open spaces. Unfortunately some lighting upgrades can be cost prohibitive, due to their remote location. That’s why we’ve created a whole new way to solve the problem… & the best thing is; it’s green & doesn’t rely on mains power, which can be susceptible to outages during storms, or peak power usage periods. 


We call it the “hub and spoke” model. Our tables are fixed in parks & open spaces, with enough battery capacity to keep the lights on with a few days of no to low light. As the sun sets, our smart PV solar system recognises a drop in light hitting the solar cells & activates your public lighting system, independent of time settings. On the flip side, once the sun rises our panels intuitively turn off the public lighting system, ensuring the energy is channeled into the batteries for the following night.


This method not only ensures lighting autonomy, it also reduces the load on public power infrastructure. & the best part is, you’ll never get another bill! Saving you money in the long run.


If you’d like to learn more, just give us a call. One of our team members is happy to calculate cost benefits based on an average open space park lighting system. You might find your infrastructure investment pays itself off in a few years…. Great outcomes all round!

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