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Smart Cities

Smart Cities
Furnicharge is leading the way in smart, connected & renewable cities

As our cities decentralise & more of us work from home, It’s important to invest in smarter public open spaces, that enhance the way we work & connect. The Unify is designed to cater for smart city technology, giving you the ability to integrate data producing hardware that informs capital spend & decision making.

Public lighting package

We can integrate public lighting solutions that make community open space safer & more usable. We’re here to help you meet your ‘Open Space Strategy’ through tailored design

Additional features backed by proven reliability

All in the palm of your hand. Monitor data from your smartphone or tablet.

Live 24/7 Furnicharge Remote Management Portal (FRMP) access:

In addition to remote monitoring, an active internet connection allows the Unify to regularly check for new firmware updates, which will be automatically downloaded and installed.

There are several ways to connect your Furnicharge asset to the internet:

At a single touch, Furnicharge live monitoring provides an instant overview of your system: Battery state of charge, present power consumption & power harvest from PV.

Remotely monitor your Furnicharge asset, with the full power of the Furnicharge Remote Management Platform (FRMP)

With our remote monitoring dashboard, there’s no need to physically check up on your asset. Login anywhere, anytime to receive live analytics & asset status information.

Our Furnicharge Remote Management Platform (FRMP) provides you with full access to the extensive controls and settings of all system-components. It allows remote users and installers to login from anywhere, at any time. This powerful application also provides hassle-free diagnostic checks and analysis of archived information.

Monitor and manage your Furnicharge system from your smartphone and tablet. Available for both iOS and Android.

Our FRMP display’s all your system data in a comprehensive graphical format with system settings easily changed remotely via the portal. You’re also able to receive alarms & faults by email, reducing maintenance costs & turn around time.