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Solar Benches

Smart Solar Benches in Australia to Supercharge Outdoor Space

We are entering the golden age of smart& sustainable public Infrastructure. Furnicharge is a part of this revolution& is dedicated to improving public amenity through our smart solar bench available in Australia. We’re in the business of facilitating community connection & engagement, which has never been more important than now.

Innovative Solar Bench Solution For Energy Efficiency

Our smart solar bench is built for today’s portable world. Solar panels serve as shelter, whilst allowing the solar bench to power an endless amount of devices. Our products satisfy consumer demand for low-voltage recharging, all in a stylish and functional package. We’re confident Furnicharge’s solar bench is the most innovative & functional table in the market, with remote monitoring, 3 methods of device charging and optional speakers.

Our solar bench is perfectly designed for parks, city squares, train stations, amusement parks, university campuses, business parks, shopping malls and many other community open spaces across Australia.

Solar-Powered Solution For Smarter And Sustainable Results

Our smart solar benches are filled with goodness and powered by the sun. Eco-friendly and energy renewable – Furnicharge’s solar benches capture solar energy to charge phones, laptops, and other wireless devices, while also facilitating people to sit, relax, and enjoy nature.

Our stunning tables are a beacon of sustainability that will get your neighborhood buzzing with excitement. Its more than just technology.. Its about providing functional areas to connect.

Contact us today to learn more about acquiring a bench for your outdoor space or you can call us 1300765723 !