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Smart Solar Picnic Tables in Australia

Smart Solar Picnic tables in Australia to Supercharge Outdoor Space

Are solar picnic tables becoming more popular across the Australian landscape?


Well, we think so.


As Australians, we’re known for our picnics on a warm summer day. Whether your beach side, riverside or in an urban setting, there’s no better feeling than getting there early & snagging that prized spot!

Well, the competition’s heated up even more… so you might want to think about arriving at your picnic even earlier. In the words of Ricky Bobby “ If you ain’t first, you’re last”.

Get ECO FRIENDLY Picnic tables to charge your electronic gadgets

Our solar powered picnic tables allow you to stay right where you are all day. You’ll be able to recharge; phones, cameras, iPads & that portable speaker you so dearly love! We’ve even seen a family set up a little fan for their baby… 11/10 for thinking!

We’re in the business of powering people places, giving families, communities & strangers a place to connect. We love seeing the joy our solar picnic tables bring, which is why we’re excited to be expanding throughout all Australian States & Territories this summer!

Solar-Powered Picnic tables For Smarter And Sustainable Results in Australia

Sublimely fueled by the sun, our keen sun oriented seats are invigorated with goodness. Catching sunlight based energy to charge telephones, freedom hubs and other remote gadgets, Eco Renewable Energy’s seats urge individuals to sit, unwind and re-energize in nature.

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