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There’s a new kid on the block..

Solar Power Charging Station

Furnicharge believes in empowering smart, sustainable & productive cities. Solar powered furniture is becoming increasingly popular as municipalities look to enhance their open space offerings.

So what’s the benefit you ask? Covid-19 has changed the way we live & work. We’re no longer forced to travel into the city & sit within a 4 by 4 cubical. Technology has allowed us to work remotely, proving that we can work from nearly anywhere.

That’s where Furnicharge & our range of solar powered furniture starts to shine brighter than the sun that powers it. With striking simplicity, environmentally sustainable materials & well thought out design, open space wont know what’s hit it!

Our product is minimalistic, yet functional in design, with an abundance of scalable power storage options. You can really tailor the design to meet your demands, whether it’s using the solar table to power public lighting, CCTV or smart city sensors, we’ve got you covered. I’d call this product ‘future proof’ & an essential addition to any high trafficked public open space!

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